Private Investigator for Your Defense

My name is Marty Perkins.  I am a Private Investigator and the owner of Trial Prep, LLC.  I specialize in Marty_Perkins-1investigating  DUI and Sex Crime cases; as well as, lessor included offenses through single and multiple homicide cases, for both defense attorney’s and clients.

I will work with you, the attorney and/or defendant, as a team to prepare to defend you or your client.  I will meet with the client(s) to get the defendant’s version of the case.  Doing this detailed part of the investigation will free up you or your attorney to concentrate on the legal aspects of the case.  What I have heard from most attorneys who have hired me is that the defendants will discuss the incident more freely with me, as opposed to them.

We are here to help!

Trial Prep, LLC is dedicated to thoroughly reviewing the case discovery and then making an assessment of the case based on that discovery as to the strength of the case.  As our name suggests; we are 100% dedicated to help you prepare for trial!

It’s an important fact that most cases have issues that can cause problems for winning the case.  As your Criminal Defense Investigator, I will pinpoint and then focus on the problems with each case, so we can then advise the client of his or her alternatives.

I will then re-interviews witnesses, and the victim.  I will look for other witnesses and anyone else who may have knowledge of what had occurred. We take statements and then supply them to the defense attorney. We accomplish criminal histories on everyone involved in the case.  I can even be called to testify during trial if warranted.  As you can see from my accreditation’s & certifications, I am more than qualified.