Professional Private Investigator

Trial Prep.Org, LLC, based in Princeton, Indiana, is a professional private investigative firm providing much needed information for defendants, defense attorneys and corporations. We also provide services such as background checks, mitigation services, and debt recovery (skip tracing).

Why You Should Choose Us:.

Our Experience:

At the helm of Trial Prep.Org is Marty Perkins, a seasoned law enforcement professional and board certified investigator offering more than 25 years’ of experience and specialized training (accreditation’s & certifications).

As a Private/Legal Defense Investigator,  he has been involved in cases involving alleged major criminal actions such as murder, attempted murder, rape, child molestation, theft, theft by deception, worker’s compensation fraud and numerous drug related charges.

Mr. Perkins is:

A Board-Certified Criminal Defense Investigator

Former Indiana State Police Detective

Recognized inside the courtroom as an expert

Sex Crimes Investigations

DUI/OWI Investigations

Mr. Perkins was also hired by the State of Indiana as an expert in the death of a law enforcement officer.

Our Approach & Flexibility:

We will work with you, the attorney and/or defendant, as a team to assist in your legal defense.  We will meet with the client(s) to get the defendant’s version of the case.  Doing this detailed part of the investigation will free up you or your attorney to concentrate on the legal aspects of the case.

We ‘leave nothing to chance.’

We also assist in reviewing the case discovery and then assist in making an assessment of the case based on that discovery as to its strength.  As our name suggests; we are 100% dedicated to helping your team prepare for trial.

It’s an important fact that most litigation has issues that can be problematic within the courtroom. As your Criminal Defense Investigator, we can pinpoint and then focus on the problems within each situation and assist in alternative remedies.

Our Range of Services:

At Trial Prep.Org, we offer the following services:


Homicide Investigations

Death Investigations

Sexual Allegations Investigations

DUI/OWI Investigations

Impaired Driving Investigations

Accident Investigations

Civil Investigations

Domestic Investigations

Social Media Investigations

Cold Case Investigations

Workman’s Comp Claims Investigations

Process Service
Mitigation Services
Skip Tracing: Debt Recovery

As a small business, we offer the flexibility in our range of services to meet your needs.


Introducing Pre-Litigation HR Services!

TPO is expanding their services to provide a wider range of support before legal issues have presented themselves. Parent company,, LLC has a team dedicated to assisting you or your attorney by doing the leg work of the investigation, freeing you and counsel to concentrate on the legal aspects. TPO is experienced in a wide variety of legal issues, such as DUI/OWI, sex crimes, criminal and death investigations, mitigation, debt recovery, and more. TPO founder, Marty Perkins, came to realize that there is a need for assistance BEFORE any legal issues may arise. Thus, Pre-Ligation HR Services was born.

At Pre-Litigation HR Services, we can assist in the hiring process through and including conflict resolution issues. PLHRS also provides a well written and easy to read Employee Handbook.

To find out more about Pre-Litigation HR Services, please call us at o: 812-635-4377/o: 317-572-8684 or c: 812-677-0435 today!